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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Long Winded

I wrote so much about the wind last year that I finally decided I wouldn't mention it again. That was last year. That was a different blog. Good grief! How does the wind manage to stay in my face for so much of a ride? It was a longer one today, too; 69.5 miles and almost 4,200 feet of climbing. Just what I needed in this early phase of preparation for [the next big ride].

There's a great song about the wind from Lerner and Lowe's 1951 musical Paint Your Wagon ~ They Call the Wind Mariah. I called it #@!$%!$# a couple of times today. But, back to the musical theme - One line of the song goes "Mariah makes the mountain sound like folks was up there dyin'." That would've been me.

I suppose I should be thankful for the wind as it provided for an even more intense workout. That works. I guess. I'll see if I can sound more convincing after I finish watching golf on TV (a post-ride activity I learned from Bill). ZZzzzz...

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