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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All Dressed Up

You've been watching the countdown clock. I know you have. It's OK, that's what it is there for. So, you know it is (as I write this) just over two days to departure, 3 1/2 days until the actual ride. This means it is packing time. Final preparations. Only one more ride - an easy one tomorrow. And it is time to get dressed for the dance...here's the Trek all decked out in the new red tires. Does it look ready to go or what?!

Since it is time to go, I'm ready. Biggest concern? Not the climbing, but the altitude. Maybe the weather. And my back. It's been giving me grief the last month or so. After a really good week last week, the pain has come back. I'm exercising / stretching and will keep this up through the ride. We'll see.

I've been looking at maps and aerial photos of the route. It looks absolutely spectacular. I can't wait! As with the Seattle to Missoula tour last year, I won't be adding to the blog during the ride itself. But I will keep a daily journal and will post each entry back here, one day at a time, after I return.

Now, excuse me while I go do my last set of back stretches for the day!

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Anonymous said...

Baby's got its RED dress on!