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Monday, September 8, 2008

Bad News, Good News

The Swiss ride is over and I'm home safe, but just a little bit short of sound. I look like I was thrown from a third floor window onto a rock pile. Two crashes, one a nasty one on the last day, have left me scraped, bruised and, in the case of my collar bone, broken. More about this "bad" news as I write about the tour in the next week or so.

Good news? It was a unique, wonderful, awesome, unbelievable, fantastic ride. Very different from Washington and Colorado. Switzerland is so, well, European. Great roads for riding, breathtaking vistas, big passes, scary downhills, new views as to what rolling rural country means. Add to all of this a great small group of tour riders and you have the makings of an unforgettable two weeks. MUCH more of this good news in the next week or so, too. Stay tuned...


Lauri said...

Hello Jack

Happy that your colar bone is not in splinters and can heal the conservative way. Have your vitamines to produce the internal glue to fix it for good !
I envy you for your capability to write so easely and in good style with alot of fantasy, and it seems you are doing it just out of your hand, with allot of brain of course. You even may try it in German.
I changed the Swisstour webpage adapting it to the coming 2009 tour which will be a repetition of the just ended 2008 tour. Please change the link to http://www.bikeandhike.ch/Schweiz200809/FramesetE08CH.html
Wish you progress in your healing process


Anonymous said...

Good thing you don't look like you were thrown from a 4th floor window - I here you don't survive those!!