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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good News, Tour News, Bad News

It's over. I'm back. With no broken bones; at least not any I didn't leave home with. It was a great ride and much different from what I expected. Here's a brief summary:

The tour, by the numbers:
0 cows mistaken for bears
0 flat tires
1 shredded duffel bag
1 day off
1 fox
1 place named Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump
2 countries
2 mountain passes
2 nesting ospreys
3 bears
3 hours of rain
6 days of riding
24 switchbacks on hike to Bertha Lake
30 hours on the bike
35 riders on the tour
428 miles on the road
19,525 feet of climbing
7,625,212 wildflowers

"Real" posts about the Glacier/Waterton tour are coming soon. However, there are a number of things needing attention, what with being gone more than a week. But do not fear, progress has already been made: shortly after arriving home, I washed my clothes - two large loads. Some of them were not needed during the trip, but they were guilty-by-association with the others, which were clearly in need of serious laundering. I had been thinking, "I pity the beagle that has to check out my bags," a sentiment re-confirmed as I transfered jerseys, shorts, socks and other remnants of the week on the road from suitcase to washing machine.

On a more serious note, grandson Stellan is not doing well. His tenacious SVT has broken through once again, in spite of the latest chapter in attempting control using drugs. He is now in the hospital as doctors in Minneapolis and Boston work to find a plan of action. News is available, as always, at mycharmingkids.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Prayers for Stellan, and that his numbers will soon be better than all those posted for your trip: 0 SVT bouts, 1 God watching over the whole family, 2 loving parents, 3 siblings, 4 grandparents, 7,000,000+ angels.