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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


* Swahili for Mission

Weather. Being under the weather. Weathering long meetings, late meetings. A grand conspiracy to keep me off of the bike. I'm sure that's it. Or, maybe it's just nature and life happening with no regard for my mission - to ride 5,500 miles this year. A mission that has taken multiple hits and which is now essentially unachievable. I'm devastated OK with it.

There are other missions with more meaning. Take Africa - mentioned in two posts in this blog: Six Feet and Out of Africa. Our small group is busily preparing to return in January, 2010 and the not-riding time has provided an opportunity to put up some information about the missions that are our African journey. We've been working with churches and schools in the area of Tororo, Uganda, East Africa. And now, there are blogs dedicated to providing all who are interested information about what has been done and what is yet to come. Check them out at:

UjumbeUganda [C] -- work with churches
UjumbeUganda [S] -- work with schools

Riding? I'm pondering what to set as a goal for next year. Any suggestions? And, I've got my eyes on another tour... stay tuned for updates!


Spiffer said...

I feel your pain, but am telling myself there is a certain beauty to realizing the goal is less important than the process. Though I still believe without the goal, the process itself will fail. I think you should get Bill out here next May for the tour of the Unknown Coast, a 100 mile stunningly beautiful ride known for its brutal hills.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Bill will be in France. Maybe Bill and Jack should shoot for May, 2011?