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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Riding has taken a back seat to preparations for the mission trip to Uganda. We leave on Thursday, January 7. Only 4 days now. Yikes!

"How are the preparations going?" you ask. Well, see for yourself…

I ended the year at 3,983 miles with 189,196 feet of climbing, about one jaunt up Everest ~ or 49 trips up Bliss ~ shy of last year's 218,350 feet. Not bad though, but far short of my goal of 5,500 miles (a BIT too ambitious, perhaps). As the year drew to an end, I really hoped to get to at least 4,000 miles, but a nasty cold floored me at the end of the year. Instead of riding, I spent my time medicating, napping and contributing to a measurable increase in the demand for Kleenex.

Wishing my scores of one or two readers a happy, healthy New Year. May all of your hard climbs be paired with the joy of thrilling descents!


Spiffer said...

Traveling Mercies!
And here's to 5000 in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Heard a great joke today, that Santa must be an engineer - makes a list and checks it twice! Africa, ho!

Spiffer said...

welcome home!