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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Scene of the Crime Crash

Remember this...

When I was wearing these...

On that day when this happened...

Well, I certainly do. It isn’t an anniversary or anything like that, but last week provided an interesting (trust me, this is interesting) addition to my collection of mementos from that day in September of 2008. Now, you are probably thinking, "Isn’t having a still-broken collarbone enough of a reminder?" No. One thing missing is a record of the crash site. The "where" needed to complete the sequence Who? What? When? Where? How? and Why?

Of course, the crash occurred in Switzerland, but I never could pinpoint the exact site on the map. Until now. We were not lost, of course, but now I'm not so sure we were where we thought we were either. Not that this is a problem. It's just a situation you learn to deal with.

Anyway, I digress. Watching reports from this year's Tour of Switzerland had me looking at maps to follow the race riders' route, routing that included a good deal of road I had ridden myself. In the process I somehow managed to find the intersection where I went down. And, thanks to the mapping technology available on the internet, you too can visit this place.

Here it is, courtesy of Google Maps, from high enough to see the last bit of that last day on the tour:

And, a little closer:

You have been waiting patiently for this moment, I know. It is nice to finally fill in that last blank that has left you in the dark these many months. No need to thank me; it's just another service I'm happy to be able to provide.

P.S. To find this yourself, Google "fluehlen switzerland" then select maps from the "Web Images Videos Maps News Shopping" list across the top of the screen.

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Anonymous said...

Great crash graphic!