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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Bedbugs???? But sure enough, one of you figured it out. So, I might as well finish the reveal.

As noted in this picture, new acquisition was just a bit bigger than a breadbox:
Opening the box, I found the contents to be VERY well packed. The instructions actually showed said contents rising out of the top of the container. The reality is that this thing weighs in at over 100 pounds and it did not take me long to see that there was going to have to be a plan B. Such as, rip open the side of the box to gain access to the contents.Assembly was really pretty easy and even though I am an engineer, it all came together without a hitch. Here is the final product:

Of course, I have been pedaling indoors on a trainer set up to support my own bicycle. But now, I've graduated to this Pro-Form Tour de France simulator. It uses variable magnetic resistance controlled by a computer system that is connected to the world (well, a piece of it, in an e-sense anyway) via my in-home wireless network. And, it is "iPod Compatible." What else could you ask for?

There are Tour de France segments loaded that you can ride while the "bike" tilts up on climbs and down on descents with pedaling resistance changing as appropriate. I can follow progress on a map or a route profile on the small screen. With the promise of, for the price of an additional attachment, even being able to view the route in real time via Google Earth 3D. And, once I get everything set up on the internet, I'll be able to chart my own rides using Google maps.

Snow? Cold? Dark? Not a problem. I just hope I remember I'm in the basement when it comes time for a "rest" stop.


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Perhaps something to spin on indoors during the long, frozen, tundra-like Wisconsin winter?