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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gallipoli to Lecce

The second longest day of the tour, bringing us across to the Adriatic coast then inland a bit to the old walled town of Lecce.

Today's ride
Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Gallipoli to Lecce
72.8 miles
1,690 feet

It was not unusual to find yourself on a road like this one - rock walls and olive groves abound.

Still bucking the headwind that has followed us, so to speak, since Alberobello, we get to enjoy a ride along the rocky Adriatic coastline.

"Where's Lecce?" Lecce today is much larger than the older walled town. As we got closer to our destination, the GPS maps kept pointing out turns. Trouble is, the walls were in the way, a fact lost on our navigation devices.

Excavation of even older parts of Lecce - these on the walk to dinner.

Highlight of the day
It might have been the shepherd with his goats we rode by on the coastal highway. But I'll have to go for the late afternoon walk through the old town, to the cathedral. In addition to the interesting architecture and winding, narrow streets, we saw paper mâché carvers at work on their masterpieces in one of the town squares.

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