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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Water for Attir - Introduction

The village of Attir bakes in the dry heat of central Kenya. There is little vegetation and what is there protects itself with an impressive variety of thorns and needles. Houses are scattered in the bush. There is a school building and a community meeting place – the shade of two trees – but there is no water.

This is a challenge for the people and an opportunity to provide a helping hand up.

I will post more information every few days, going through a presentation describing the situation and providing information on how you can help.

Global Hope Network International (GHNI) has engaged the village in Transformational Community Development (TCD) with a special connection to a neighboring village which recently graduated from their own TCD program.

To get started, check out the Attir page on GHNI’s web site here: http://bit.ly/1IYU8Q1

Posts will be collected under the label "Attir." This link will pull up available posts: http://bit.ly/1Q8StpJ

Next up: Short Story

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