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Monday, April 14, 2008


How I long for

...being able to get out on the Trek with only shorts, a jersey and low cut socks, leaving the wool socks, high-topped winter riding boots, chemical foot warmers, tights (2 pair at times), glove liners, base layers, full fingered gloves, jacket, cap (replacement for the natural cover that I used to have on my head), and ear warmers in the closet;

...spring rains to wash away the sand from the hills so I can come down without doing the biking equivalent of tiptoeing;

...sunny days where the helmet cover is off and sunblock is on;

...days where I don't expend more energy getting dressed than I do riding up Bliss Road.

...sunlight into the evening hours for long rides after work;

...the cool tan lines;

Yes, I long for summer rides. Perhaps I won't have to wait much longer, but it is 28 degrees as I write this.

Oh, and I long for rides without a 25 mph wind in my face. But THAT may really be too much to hope for.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, the wayward wind is a restless wind, a restless wind that was made to wander . . .