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Monday, March 31, 2008


It has been a long winter here in Wisconsin. I thought I’d get in a fair amount of cold weather riding, but alas… Snowfall here threatened to break the all time record. And while we fell a bit short of that, we had way too much for riding. So, it was fake rides on the trainer for the most part. But that’s pretty much behind me now. Not that the weather is sure to cooperate, but I did unhitch the Trek from it’s tether in the basement and let it run free this weekend. Saturday was a 57 mile ride with Bill. The Trek (my Trek) was still in the basement, but Bill was on his. I no longer had the equipment advantage that I enjoyed when he was riding his mountain bike. It showed.

On Sunday I decided I’d let the Trek warm up for the season on Bliss Road. On the way to the climb at County YY, I stopped at the Hayfield Café. Here is a business searching hard for an identity. The gas pumps are now gone (for good, it seems) and the convenience store side has morphed into a pizza place. The café still occupies the south end of the building though. Meat loaf and mashed potatoes still a draw around these parts. And yes, they do still have chocolate milk, too.

I have been able to put away 825.2 miles so far this year, but only 210.0 outdoors. Just 5,674.8 miles to go to my 6,500 mile target.

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Anonymous said...

The Hayfield has great cookies . . . and clean bathrooms. What a concept!