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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Real Time Interlude #2 (and an Announcement)

I've just completed the "Rising Up" post below; it's fun going back to the ride and trying to find ways to share the experiences. Some of the events of the ride stay vividly in your memory. And some hang on in real time. I developed saddle sores during the last day and a half of the ride (no, this is not the announcement). And they have not yet moved into the memory category.

I was pretty sore after a 31 mile ride on Thursday. Things were much better Saturday, although I was "aware of the problem" when we stopped at Coon Valley; so, I decided to turn my ride towards home while Bill went looking for climbs. I swung back through Chaseburg, went up Wrobel Road, getting in another 22 miles. It turned out to be a 51 mile ride. In just a couple of hours, I will start my trip down to West Lafayette, Indiana and Purdue University. A week at the 2008 International Compressor Engineering Conference with 500 - 600 other engineers. I know, you wish you were going too! Really, could it get much better than this? After the conference, I'll fly on to Atlanta for two Braves' games and a visit with Shirley's family. This all amounts to about 10 days out of the saddle, during which time I expect I'll put the current problem behind me. OK, so it's already behind me, but you know what I mean!

How's your weather eye holding up? Well, you don't have to keep it out any longer - here's the promised announcement: The Next Big Ride starts when I depart on August 21 for Zurich and a 2+ week ride in Switzerland. Bill will ride the whole tour, starting in Basel about a week before I arrive. I'm joining the group at Zermatt and will then finish the loop back in Basel on September 6. More about this ride, and reports of the preparation for it, to come. You might want to keep that weather eye out a bit longer after all.

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