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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Picture Perfect Day

Wednesday, June 25
Day off in Steamboat Springs

...they were told that they should rest for a little while longer

In all my cycling tours I've never had a rest day. Of course this is only my second tour, but it's still true. We start the day on the bus, which isn't running quite as efficiently as last night. This does, however, give me time to study the tourist map of Steamboat Springs which leads to a decision to have breakfast at the Creekside Cafe & Grill. Better lucky than smart. This was a fabulous find. We sit outdoors by the side of, you guessed it, a creek. Columbines in bloom blue the bank next to the twisting, turning water. The waitress suggests we start with a grapefruit, raspberry, champagne cocktail. Sounded like a good suggestion to us. The rest of the breakfast didn't disappoint either and we enjoyed what would turn out to be a leisurely brunch.

At the Creekside Cafe & Grill

Most of the rest of the day was spent exploring the arts and crafts galleries, souvenir shops and the local bike store. Early on, I found a painting that I really liked in an artisits' co-op. I passed initially, but eventually came back, bought it and arranged to have it shipped home.

We had dinner at a nice Italian restaurant then headed over to the Steamboat Springs Yacht Club (I am not making this up) to re-join the tour team for the meeting where tomorrow's ride is reviewed. You know the ride, the one where we climb back up the 7 mile long 7% grade highway. I had been thinking that I might have to take up residence in Steamboat, at least until I could earn enough money to buy a car and drive out. But after this enjoyable day of rest, I found myself thinking after the meeting, "No problem."

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Anonymous said...

Columbines blueing the banks - nice image. Painting - good choice.