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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Taking a Break

Speaking of breaks as we have been, I'm taking one tonight. Take 106 miles on the trainer in the last four days, add a sore throat and scratchy eyes and out comes a do-nothing evening. While there will be no photographic evidence of this break, I can provide a glimpse of the helmet that cracked on the pavement in Switzerland. You know, when I fell and DID NOT hit my head. Because it was the helmet that hit.

Never, ever get on a bike without a helmet...
I've had fun, in a weird sort of way, with the broken collarbone thing. Might as well, as it wouldn't do any good to really gripe about the state of what is now the Non-Union. In all honesty though, I am a little bummed about the whole thing. But I got another one of those perspective adjustments during the mission trip to the Dominican Republic. While at the monument in Santiago, the one on a hill with a long approach of stairs on all four sides, we saw a man bouncing up the steps. Given that it was Carnival time and there were a number of people dancing to the upbeat music coming from down below, this would not normally be noteworthy. Thing is, this man was hopping up the stairs on only one leg. Because he had only one leg. He had also lost a goodly portion of his arm on the same side. No crutch, no cane, just hopping up the stairs. When he got to our little group, he was smiling, glad to be out, glad to have a chance to enjoy the Carnival, appreciative of the small gift we provided. He wished us a good evening and went hopping off, the big grin he had carried up the stairs going with him. Oh, and he said he'd lost two children in the accident that claimed his limbs. He was smiling! I do not know your name, but I'll not soon forget you. Thanks for the lesson on attitude.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, the one-armed, one-legged man - talk about humbling! And the helmet . . . amazing how quickly you could have become a vegetable. Some of us are glad you are not a true squash!!!!