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Monday, April 13, 2009

And How was YOUR Weekend?

Grandpa and Stellan in the PICU
He won the cute face contest by the way. Hands down. But I suppose you figured that out on your own.

In addition having this wonderful visit with Stellan (and his mom, of course), there were two rides totaling 76 miles with about 5,600 feet of climbing. I've decided to set a goal of climbing 125,000 feet before leaving for Montana and the Glacier Park ride in July and will start to post progress in the sidebar soon - anyone know of a clever progress bar app?

As I write this, the trip to Boston for Stellan's surgery is neither definitely on nor definitely off. He's doing better and no longer roams the halls of the PICU, but he's not completely free of the SVT's that have been dogging his little heart, either. If he does leave tomorrow, then I'll head out on Wednesday.

I did tell Stellan that, as much as I was looking forward to hanging out in Beantown for a few days, I'd be OK with canceling the trip. In fact, I could save the days for a few years and use them to take him on a long bike ride. OK, I'd do that anyway. Another goal.


Hokie Grandma said...

When I saw your photo with Stellan on your daughters blog with a link to your blog I clicked over to let you know that we are praying for Stellan and all of your family. My newborn granddaughter spent a few days in the NICU last Nov. Then I was hooked when I saw your reference to Switzerland. We spent several months in Geneva back in 1991 due to my husbands job. I fell in love with Grindelwald, Murren and Lucern. I read all your entries and throughly enjoyed all the pictures. Then I read about your trip through the Rockies. We used to live in Colorado Springs and Cheyenne so we spent a lot of time there also. I due hope you are recovering well and wish you the best on your next trip. I'll be back to read about that one and see the beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing your memories.

Oz Girl said...

I DO hope you have to cancel your trip to Boston. :)

Sounds like you've got a good start on your goal for the Montana cycle trip. Good luck!!

Katey said...

Will you be going to Glacier via Coeur d' Alene...I know... a long shot but what an honor it would be to meet Stellan's grandpa :)
I wonder if any of his mama's slings would work for you to take him with you :)

bike4love said...

YOU MIGHT enjoy this blog...since you are so into cycling. He is not only an amazing writer , cyclist, husband, and father, but with a wife suffering from cancer.