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Saturday, April 25, 2009


Stellan is settled into yet another new routine, this with (so far) fewer, shorter bouts of the SVT that stubbornly holds on in the face of all that modern medicine has thrown at it.

My Trek is settled in at the shop after a few days of stubborn shifting experienced on rides prior to my trip to Boston. It COULDN'T have been the rider so it was given over to Dan to work his magic. I heard from him a couple of days ago, vindicated, but looking to lose a little weight in the wallet: a bottom bracket transplant will be performed and we'll be back on the road in no time.

I'm settled in at home, but not on the Bianchi, as thunderstorms have settled in over La Crosse. This leaves my total climbing stuck at one Bliss Road climb shy of 20,000 feet.

It's good to have so many things settled in these unsettling days. And just in case you hadn't heard, Stellan is one tough, cute little boy. And that settles it!

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Anonymous said...

A tough little boy . . . must be in the genes.