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Friday, May 1, 2009

Business as Usual

Actually I'm not sure what business as usual is going to mean with Stellan not having been "cured." But he did get home and is, for now, stable in an SVT-free state; so, I am getting on with it.

"What is IT?" you ask. Riding, of course. On Tuesday I took the Bianchi up Bliss Road and then up County Road OA, finally adding to my climbing total after nearly 2 weeks of out-of-the-saddle existence. On Wednesday, I retrieved the Trek from Dan, it being now tuned up and proudly sporting a new bottom bracket. On Thursday, I took it up Bliss and then up Old Vineyard Road, where, if you watch the computer, you can see stretches of 15% grade. Shifting was a breeze... See, I KNEW the problem wasn't operator error!

My climb total has crept past 20,000 feet. Am I going to make it? And again you ask, "What is IT?" The 125,000 of climbing I'd like to get in before the tour starts, of course. Wellllll... It is just under 11 weeks. So short a time that I suppose Northwest Delta considers me to already be in the pre-boarding process. 103,000 feet to go. 11 weeks. That's just a bit under 9,400 feet per week. And that, my friends, will be a challenge. But I might be up to it. Just keep watching the box in the sidebar for regular updates.

Now, it’s lunch time. If you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll have my usual.

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Anonymous said...

Up, up, up and away! Sign me, a past peddler.