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Thursday, July 2, 2009


AOL notified me recently that they have a new service - Bebo. Another entry into the social networking arena. It's probably like Facebook. If I understood Facebook, I could make the comparison with more certainty, but I don't. Understand Facebook. Or Twitter. Well, I understand the technology. It's the fascination with using them that escapes me. Or using them in the way they are, at least as I've seen in my limited exposure.

Anyway, I entered the Bebo universe (something you can do automatically if you use AOL) and was confronted with this rather unsettling observation:

You have 0 friends

And yes, they highlighted the "0" part. How sad is that? Not even one? Oh, well. What would someone with a name like Bebo know, anyway? And hey, if I want to invite all 0 of my friends over for a big party, I won't break the bank providing food and drink. And it doesn't take much organization effort to have this same group accompany me on my afternoon rides. There's always an upside. Or two. And two is better than zero.

As for riding, the 28 miles and 1,800 feet that I did last night put me over 2,000 miles and above 100,000 feet for the year. It was a good workout and even on a comfortably cool evening I was able to "work up a good sweat." Hmmmm... It's been a week since I washed my jerseys. Do you think that might have something to do with the friends thing?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

De-ciphering your remarks, I'd say you should naught take aught to mean no friends. :-) Maybe some view Bebo like they view Myspace and Face book??