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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Ever have one of those days? You know, where everything goes right. You wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go, spend the day being productive, relishing the challenges. Just enjoying it all. Yeah. Me either.

Saturday was definitely NOT that day. I did not sleep well Friday night and got up feeling, well, sort of "out of sorts." Blah. Lethargic. One short nap and a later failed attempt at another did not help much. Things improved a bit in the late afternoon and I actually went out and drove part of a new biking route, one I plan to be on early in my July Tour de Coulee Region.

After I returned, I put a margherita pizza in the oven, looking forward to this seldom-enjoyed treat. It came out great, but the smoke alarm went off about a dozen times as it was cooking. Sheesh. There wasn't any smoke nor other problem I could detect. The smoke alarm was apparently just determined to celebrate preparation of the meal. I finally took the thing down until the pizza was done. After dinner, I was feeling better yet, but still turned in early.

Sunday found me feeling much better. I left home early and spent about 45 minutes at Caribou before church. After the services, I headed home and watched the start of the Ga Tech - Ohio State game. But it was just too nice and I was feeling so much better. A ride was in order.

So nice it was that I un-tethered the Trek for its first outing of the year. And it was a most enjoyable ride. Up Bliss then out through Barre Mills to climb County YY before turning back and heading home. It was only 34 miles with 2 climbs, but the early afternoon was comfortably cool with the blue skies overhead. A day made for being on a bike.

When I got back, I checked ESPN.com and found that the Jackets had lost their game. I had worn my Ga Tech jersey on the ride, but apparently that wasn't enough. While disappointing, it was not unexpected - OSU was a 2 seed, after all. Nor was it enough to spoil the day.

All-in-all, things had sorted themselves out quite nicely.

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Anonymous said...

If you combine watching the Georgia tech game with not riding your bike, what do you get? Tetherball! A game in elementary school that your reader loved!