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Saturday, May 22, 2010


The hotel here in Rochester, NY has some fancy amenities. No soap, but they do provide a Soothing Massage Bar. I'm not too impressed. Then there is the Clarifying Shampoo. That one really worked; I washed my hair and afterwards, I could see all the way to my scalp. Amazing. But, disappointment reared up again as I discovered that the Renewing Lotion didn't. Oh well, I guess it was not given much to work with.

It's interesting, in a sort of expensive way, that the higher the price one pays for a hotel room, the more one has to pay for the little "extras." Three dollars for the bottles of water in the room. Two dollars for a not-too-large cup of coffee in the lobby. Some years ago now, I was in Stockholm on a business trip. The moderately (a relative term when Stockholm is involved) priced Sj√∂fartshotellet where we normally stayed was fully booked. It was suggested by the company we were visiting that we get rooms at a new hotel in the same general area. Upon arrival, we were informed that the rate was around $225. Now this was about 20 years ago when $225 was REAL money. My traveling companion asked, in all seriousness, "Is that for the week?" Nooooo…. We pondered what it was you got for such a princely sum and came to this conclusion: You get to stay in a hotel that people like us do not frequent. So, I guess I should apologize to my fellow guests here at this very nice hotel in Rochester. You know, for being here.


Anonymous said...

So, a one star hotel is for shampoo, 2 star for . . . .

Spiffer said...

My kids would get a lot of mileage out of the name Sjofartshotellet (with emphasis on the second syllable). That alone would be worth the admission price for them.
As for me, I do like a nice hotel.