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Monday, April 8, 2013

Alberobello - Lido Azzurri

It has been just about one year since the end of the 2012 Southern Italy ride. It would follow that reporting get wrapped up as well. The plan? I'll just put up a map of the ride and provide 5 pictures covering events of that day. Commentary may or may not be provided. Depends on my memory, motivation and the quality of the notes in my journal. I would not set my expectations too high, if I were you...

Today's ride
Saturday, March 17, 2012
37.1 miles
1,407 feet

Riding out of Alberobello, enjoying more of the trulli that are common here.

What happened here in the old town of Martina Franca? A flat. Coffee. And some GPS challenges as the narrow, winding streets and multi-story buildings confused our modern technology.

There be olives here! One of the group grows olives in California and we were treated to discussions of trees, groves and, of course, olive oil. One piece of advice, do not go for the "light" olive oils...

Ho hum -- just another field of flowers.

Lunch at the hotel on the beach in Lido Azzurri. There was always an interesting lunch, it seems. Yes, it is octopus...

Highlight of the day
After making it through Martina Franca, it was a very pleasant ride through olive groves and down a long, gradual descent on a tree lined road. And at the end of it all, that refreshing seafood salad!

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