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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lido Azzurri to Gallipoli

Today we get ferried in the bus across the busy port city of Taranto, where Italy experienced a Pearl Harbor-like blow to its navy in 1940, an engagement referred to as the Battle of Taranto.

Today's ride
Sunday, March 18, 2012
63.8 miles
1,709 feet

This first of several metric centuries provided a ride along the coast into a steady headwind, something that would be with us for the rest of the tour.

Taranto is a large container port, but is obviously home to a number of small fishing operations as well.

As you would expect when following the seacoast, we find evidence of long forgotten pirate haunts.

Christian had purchased a sack of oranges in Alberobello and shared some with the group. After being in the saddle for a few hours and then encountering the only climb of the day, it was a sweet treat to have found one in my pack. Salud, Christian!

Riding through a coastal town. Not a place I would have ever expected to be on a bike. But this works for me.

A nice ride into the mainland part of Gallipoli. Later, we would cross the bridge to the old town on the island and enjoy the sights of a working fishing town.

Highlight of the day
The orange. It has to be the orange.

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