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Saturday, May 11, 2013

San Giovanni Rotondo to Rodi Garganico

There was not a lot of riding on this last day on the road. But, that was OK - we'd put in 600 miles and yesterday's were the hardest of them all. This was another glorious day and the short ride we did enjoy provided great views of the Adriatic coast. And, a chance to get my feet wet.

Today's ride
Monday, March 26, 2012
San Giovanni Rotondo to Rodi Garganico
15.7 miles
1,266 feet

We rode out of San Giovanni in the bus and started a rather long descent to the Adriatic coastline. There was a mid-morning stop at Monte Sant Angelo. This provided a chance to look out over the vineyards on the hillsides and down to the sea while enjoying the castle in town and a church in a hillside cave...

As we neared the coast, Laurenz stopped the bus at the entrance to a national park, saying this would be a good place to start the ride. It was not all that clear that we would ride today and to be honest, kicking back in the bus watching the scenery wasn't looking like too bad of a way to spend the day. But, we unloaded and headed out. After a nice descent the rest of the way to the coast, we were treated to views like this...

After looking at his GPS and the maps, Bob declared the ride to be flat but it was actually a roller coaster of ups and downs on winding roads. It wasn't that long until we all met up again in the town of Veste where we had a light lunch at a small cafe, sitting outside in the sun. Here is the view, just before arriving in town...

Bob and Pat opted to ride to Rodi, but the rest of us called it a tour and enjoyed the drive along the coastal highway...

Fishing. It would have been nice to see this arrangement in operation!

Looking back on the cliffside town of Peschici. We would return the next day for a visit.

Highlight of the day
Finishing the ride is a highlight of any tour. And that holds for the 2012 ride through Puglia in southeastern Italy. Not wishing to haul my front wheel (with bike attached) across the wide stretch of soft sand, I opted to declare the ride over by putting my feet in the Adriatic instead.

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