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Thursday, May 15, 2014

You Can Help

It is a big world. There is a countable infinity of activities we can pursue. Many of those bring us joy, satisfaction, growth and happiness. And many allow us to give those things in some measure to others. You will no doubt encounter many of these... it is almost inevitable.

I have a friend who said to me once, "If you throw a rock, you will hit a need." That is pretty much true, no matter where you are. So, when we are moved to do so, it comes down to grasping only a very few to actually do something about. These are those things that touch us in some special way. The villages in the GHNI Transformational Community Development program in central Kenya are that for me. And Attir in particular. It may be this way for you. If so, you can help. And not just help, but make a real difference, one that will last.

Click here to check it out. You can make a one time contribution of any amount you wish or become a sponsor for the period of the TCD project at Attir for just $15/month.

Thank You!

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