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Monday, June 15, 2015

Water for Attir - Connections

GHNI has Transformational Community Development programs in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Five of the seventeen TCD villages in Africa are in Kenya and all are are in the area around Isiolo town in the central part of the country. They make up the "Isiolo Cluster" and Attir is the newest TCD participate.

The village of Gambella has graduated, but due to special circumstances related to nearby Attir, is part of Attir's TCD experience. Read about this unique and exciting program here. Much attention is being devoted to this important farming partnership, using the results of Gambella's TCD program and their willingness to share with Attir.

Water for Attir is a special element of the project and is aimed at quickly getting a well into the village to provide a source of clean water within the boundaries of the village itself. Benefits are a supply of clean water and not having to invest time and energy into a six mile round trip. Furthermore, a village well provides the women and older children more security as the trip exposes them to dangerous elements of the central Kenyan bush.

You can help us realize these benefits. Simply click the DONATE NOW link below and complete the form provided. You can make a one time donation or opt to become a regular sponsor. Please note "Water for Attir" in the space provided for comments or questions. Thank You!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Water for Attir- The Challenge

Just as it is for Attir's story, the challenge is simply stated:

Funds are needed for site selection, drilling, including casings, and a pump. Some effort will be required to determine the diameter of the borehole and the depth needed to get sufficient water. These efforts can begin as soon as we can get sufficient funds.

It will be a challenge, but nothing like the one that the people of the village face now as they rely on a distant source of dirty water for their needs.

You can help by making a donation through GHNI. Click here to access their Partner with Attir page. When you do, please enter "Water for Attir" in the space provided for comments or questions.

Thank you!

Up Next: Attir and Transformational Community Development

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Water for Attir - The Short Story

The situation at Attir is easy to describe. It goes like this...

During a visit to Attir with GHNI, we had the opportunity to walk with some of the women. Accounts of our visit are in the following blog posts:

A well within the general confines of the village would eliminate the need for the dangerous and energy-consuming walk while providing clean water for everyone.

Next up: The Challenge