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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Out of Africa

It has been almost two weeks since I returned from Uganda. It was a great trip in many respects. It was a hard trip in almost every respect. The satisfaction of progress, expectations of more challenges in the future, the fun of crossing the equator. These lightened the load. A load that built up during the week, coming from long hours of travel, totally different daily routines, the stress of all of the interactions, concern for those same future expectations that helped make the trip satisfying. Add to all of this the fact that I lost my journal. One I started for the 2006 trip. One that I had written almost 50 pages in this trip. Lists, sketches, reflections, memories. Gone, so it seems. A painful loss*.

It is a long way to Africa. And a long way back. Except you never really get back; back to where you started. That's one reason for the long delay in my return to the Swiss ride posts. I've had a lot to do, including trying to catch up on sleep. And so much more to think about. But, not to worry. I'll be back with a post for the ride from Steinegg to Rigi within the next few days (it is already a work in progress).

* And let's not be too concerned about the journal. I cannot look back on the week in Africa and get too seriously upset about losing a book, no matter what the book. Much more important things populate the future and there will be plenty to write about. So let's ride on!

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Anonymous said...

Losing a journal - heartfelt sympathy. Almost like losing a child.